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Kazuhm's platform accelerates deployment, simplifies management, and reduces the cost of running containerized applications.

Are you stuggling with the complexities of Kubernetes or simply need a solution to get data science applications up and running fast?  Are you experiencing intolerable latencies when processing your workloads in the cloud? Perhaps you simply want to reduce your cloud spend.  Kazuhm Basic can help!

The Kazuhm platform provides organizations of all sizes the ability to easily and efficiently process their digital workloads. By connecting desktop, server, cloud, and even Edge/IoT devices under one easy-to-use interface, Kazuhm turns all your IT resources into your own powerful, unified, compute fabric.

Using Kazuhm Basic, you get:

  • Kubernetes-Made-Easy - deployment is super quick with container placement and host monitoring intuitively simple.
  • Multi/Hybrid-Cloud Management - Escape from vendor lock-in and centrally manage all your Public Cloud Hosts for FREE.
  • Data Science on Demand - Simplify deployment of Spark and Jupyter and process workloads both on-premise and in the cloud.
  • Offset Cloud Costs - Get “Cloud Smart”. Process containerized workloads on your Linux and Windows desktops and servers to offset cloud costs.
  • Low-Latency Workload Processing - Reduce latency and improve performance by processing your data on-premise or at the edge – when milliseconds count.
  • On-Site Distributed Computing - Connect your desktops – Windows and Linux – and servers or even your edge devices to create a powerful compute fabric.
  • First 10 on-premise hosts FREE ($20/node after) and unlimited users.

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