Why Get Your Head Out of The Cloud?

For many organizations, the advantages of the cloud are quickly becoming overshadowed by skyrocketing costs and increased security risks associated with its use. The hype around the public cloud has left many technology professionals feeling as if there are no alternatives – if you are not in the cloud, you are nowhere.

This cloud conundrum facing IT decision makers everywhere involves critical business matters such as costs vs. savings, risks vs. rewards, and exploring old ways of thinking vs. new ways of doing – hype vs. reality.

These are the key business challenges that inspired the formation of the GYHOTC Community, an open forum where varying opinions from IT and technology operations professionals are welcome.  As a community, we feel it is time to bust through the myths around the cloud and begin to forge a path that makes optimal use of all IT resources from desktop to server to cloud!

We Call Our Members "Cloud Busters"GYHOTC-Cloud-explosion

In addition to our GYHOTC acronym, the more conversational name we use for members of the GYHOTC Community is Cloud Busters. As a Cloud Buster you will be able to add your voice to the important conversation regarding alternatives to the public Cloud as a way to enhance many critical aspects of business.

Membership Benefits

The mission of our "Get Your Head Out of The Cloud" (GYHOTC) community is to share information, concerns and ideas regarding the cloud, and possible cloud alternatives with like-minded IT professionals in every segment of the business ecosphere.  By joining us, and adding your unique perspective to the mix, you will become a catalyst for positive change within the business world as a whole.

The GYHOTC Community provides several forums for information sharing and idea generation including meet-ups, trade shows, webinars, current press updates, and enlightening blog posts.  Members may also qualify for:

  • Cloud Buster Swag and Welcome Kit 
  • Access to exclusive Cloud Buster community group on the GYHOTC website and on LinkedIn
  • Early access to GYHOTC meetups in cities across the US
  • Invite only Monthly Virtual Meet Ups to discuss the state of cloud computing and global networking
  • Access to self-promotion opportunity with tech media outlets and GYHOTC social media activities 
  • Featured as member on GetYourHeadOutOfTheCloud.com

And best of all, membership is free!


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