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Windows and Azure Support

Seamless workload processing across Windows and Azure

Kazuhm enables distributed computing of containerized workloads across Windows Desktops, Servers, and Azure Cloud

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Free Signup

Optimize Your Microsoft Assets

The most successful digital transformation strategies are the ones that take into consideration all the compute resources of an organization and effectively place the right workloads with the right resources for the right reasons.

Kazuhm presents all of your Azure and Windows resources in a unified user interface and allows you to process your containerized workloads across any of those resources taking into account latency, cost, and security requirements.

Fast setup

Fast setup

Be up and running in no time! Just a few clicks gets your clusters setup and applications ready to run.

Reduced complexity

A single user interface manages and monitors all your resources across device types and OS.

No more dedicated resources

Establish on-demand environments with your existing Windows hardware or Azure cloud resources!

Simplicity is key

In three simple steps, Kazuhm will have you up and running - choose your application, choose which compute resources you want to use, and manage your settings.  All resources (cloud, server, desktops) are managed from one user-friendly UI that minimizes the need for DevOps support.
Kazuhm Step 1

Step 1 - Select your application

Select your application from a list of apps presented within the Kazuhm UI. These may include Kazuhm native apps, Helm charts, or your own proprietary apps.
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Step 2 - Choose your resources

Run your workloads within your own four walls on a private grid of your Windows machines - desktops or servers. Or take advantage of the power of the Azure cloud as needed.
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3 - Choose your settings

Specify a few simple settings and deploy. That's it. You are using your unified Windows and Azure compute fabric for your application processing.

Best of all, it's FREE

Kazuhm Basic is free for up to 10 nodes.  Get all the functionality of the Kazuhm distributed computing platform including unlimited users, integration of your cloud resources as well as your on-premises desktops and servers, and access to the online knowledge base.

Free Signup

Free Signup